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True Scary Videos!

UPDATED:  18 May 2021 (Tuesday)

True Scary Videos!

Hello, my name is Joseph A. Laydon Jr., and welcome to True Scary Videos.  This website is focused on providing you with 399+ FREE true paranormal videos and podcasts.  If you like the unexplainable, the strange, the scary, the bizarre,… then you’ve come to the right place.  You’re gonna get More Than 129+ HOURS of some true scary stuff!

Included are hours and hours of 399+ FREE videos and podcasts that dare to expose paranormal activities that are taking place all over this planet and probably right next to you right now!

I can’t explain what’s going on, but just to know weird stuff is happening, helps to insure you’re more prepared than if it hit you by complete surprise.  Besides, this is some great scary entertainment.

Please return when you can cause once every few weeks I’ll be adding more scary videos and podcasts to this website.

I’ve also included my Kindle Book & Paperback Book – 55+ True Incredible Mysteries!  These books are only a few lousy bucks to insure you can afford some scary entertainment.  I hope you get it and give it a good scary review!!

OK, start popping the popcorn, lock all the doors and windows, go get your blankee and click the link – 399+ Videos and Podcasts for hours and hours of FREE Scary Videos and Podcasts!

MOST IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  This is my disclaimer.  If you’re on the squeamish side, may be you better AVOID this website and go elsewhere.  And DO NOT buy my books cause I reveal some really strange things that I can’t explain that have happened to me.  Getting goose bumps just thinking about them.  Again, if you’re squeamish, and alone by yourself – at night – leave this website right now.  Thank you.


Joseph A. Laydon Jr.

Paranormal Definition:  Things that are outside of normal experience.  Beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.  Does not conform to conventional expectations of nature.  I consider all the 399+ Videos and Podcasts listed on this website, fall under this paranormal definition or within the edges of this definition.

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